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Your Trusted Skip Tracing & Forwarding Company

Nationwide Skip Experts is a National Skip Tracing Company that assists auto lenders, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investor groups and many other types of businesses to minimize losses and maximize recoveries on their delinquent consumer and commercial collateral and non-collateral loans.

With over 14 years in the industry, NSE leverages our Skip Tracing expertise, advanced skip software, License Plate Technology (LPR), skip and risk management strategies and more to help our clients decrease their delinquent accounts, recover their assets and add value to their business. As a result, our clients are able to streamline their processes which results in saving time, resources and money.


Additionally, our highly trained professional team of skip tracers use high service levels and superior performance during our daily pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction. NSE’s reputation has been built on innovation, consistency and exceptional customer service which has help land several service and productivity awards from our clients.

At NSE we want to make sure our client’s and debtor’s information is protected at all times. NSE uses state of the art Network Security, Compliance and Call Monitoring Systems to ensure compliance with all Federal, State and local laws and client policies.

Founded in 2010, NSE is independently owned and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Contact us for more information.

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